ESM Broadcast (
This is a complete broadcasting tool based on the End System Multicast architecture that enables any user on the Internet to stream video, in a manner that can be received by any other user on the Internet. It works on popular OSs (Windows,Linux) and supports popular media players (Quicktime), and has already been used by thousands of Internet users.

HyperCast: Overlay multicasting and peer-to-peer networking for very large groups (
The HyperCast software builds and maintains logical overlay networks between applications on the Internet, and suppors data transmission between applications in the overlay.

Internet Indirection Infrastructure (i3) (
The Internet Indirection Infrastructure (i3) offers a rendezvous-based communication abstraction to generalize the Internet's point-to-point communication abstraction and facilitate the deployment of services like multicast, anycast, and mobility.

Software for Scalable Admission Control (
An implementation of the Egress Admission Control algorithm has been performed for FreeBSD v3.2. The software implementation includes four modules: timestamping, traffic generation, traffic measurement, and admission control.

Performance vs. Trust (
Ns-2 code and simulation scripts from the paper "A Performance vs. Trust Perspective in the Design of End-Point Congestion Control Protocols". We are grateful to Hung-Yun Hsieh (Georgia Tech) for providing the pilot version of the RCP ns-2 code.

Low-Rate Denial of Service Attacks
Ns-2 code and simulation scripts from the paper "Low-Rate TCP-Targeted Denial of Service Attacks (The Shrew vs. the Mice and Elephants)".

TCP Low Priority (TCP-LP)
A distributed algorithm for low priority data transfer in the Internet.

QoSbox: An IP router for scalable QoS

The QoSbox is a configurable IP router that provides per-hop service guarantees on loss, delays and throughput to traffic classes.

RouteConfig (
RouteConfig is a tool for network configuration of a router testbed for network research projects. 

AVES: Address Virtualization Enabling Service (
AVES is a complete set of software tools that can be used to create Internet services that enable hosts behind NAT firewalls to behave like regular Internet hosts.

GNP: Global Network Positioning (
GNP is a tool to transform raw Internet distance measurements into various geometric space representations.

EVA is a prototype system for Extracting, Visualizing and Analyzing corporate ownership information as social networks.