The Denali Project is supported by the Information Technology Research (ITR) Program of the National Science Foundation. Denali is a collaboration among investigators at the University of California, Berkeley, Carnegie-Mellon University, Rice University, and the University of Virginia.

Project Goals

1. Scalable Performance-Predictable Communication:
a new foundation for quality-of-service communication via a scalable edge-based architecture.

2. Scalable Multicast for Efficient Data Dissemination:
a self-organizing multicast infrastructure scalable to many spontaneously-formed groups.

3. Scalable Storage for Next Generation Information Services:
an infrastructure which brings information closer to users and enables scalable third-party information storage services.

4. Design Principles of Scalable Services:
a multi-faceted approach for the development and deployment of scalable services in the global Internet, under consideration of economic models, industrial structure, theories and algorithms, engineering, and deployment.

More Information

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"Denali" is the Native American name for the tallest peak in North America.
It means "the Great One."